Innovation is the implementation of new, creative ideas that have value in society. It is a myth that creativity is the sole domaine of artists and other so-called “creatives.” Everyone can be creative.

Destination Creativity proposes definitions of imagination, creativity and innovation and then explores some background information, such as the role of creativity and innovation in human evolution, the perceived current crisis in creativity, the importance of educating for creativity, the characteristics of creative organizations and the link between obsolescence and innovation.

Understanding the background is important, but knowing how to arrive at a more creative destination is the main goal.  Destination Creativity identifies seven basic, inescapable principles of creativity:

  1. Creativity results when associations are made
  2. Creativity is social and collaborative; it is not an individual pursuit
  3. The more stimulation the brain receives, the more creative it can be
  4. Playtime isn’t time-wasting; it is essential to creativity
  5. Failure is highly useful and productive
  6. Creativity can be provoked through techniques like reframing
  7. Sleep and downtime are highly productive phases

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